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Artisan Jams and Chutneys

We are two friends, Wendy and Hayley who live in the beautiful Vale of Evesham and enjoy all the local produce that this area has to offer. Over the years we have both developed a deep understanding and consideration of food, health and the environment and it is on the basis of this that Simply Seasonal has evolved.

Our aim is to provide Artisan products with great flavours reflecting the wonderful locally sourced produce used to create them. We are now in our 6th year of producing jams and chutneys in this way and we are immensely proud of our products and what we have achieved.

Contact: sales@simplyseasonal.co.uk; 01386 833800; Wendy 07990554673; Hayley 07890315128 www.simplyseasonal.co.uk

Serves 2 Ingredients 1 onion 25g flour 450ml milk 20g butter 300g strong cheddar cheese 75g Hayley’s Spiced Carrot Chutney Method 1. Fry onion gently in butter for 5-10 mins until soft but not browned. 2. Remove from heat and add flour, mix well. 3. Slowly add the milk mixing thoroughly to ensure no lumps. 4. When all milk is mixed in, return to moderate heat and stir until boiling. 5. Reduce heat and simmer for 2 mins stirring occasionally. 6. Remove from heat and add grated cheese, stir well until melted. 7. Stir in Hayley’s Spiced Carrot Chutney. 8. Taste and adjust seasoning 9. Serve with toast for a traditional rarebit or with baked potatoes for a more substantial dish.
Serves 4/6 as a side dish Ingredients 1 small/medium red cabbage finely shredded 1 medium onion chopped 1tbsp olive/rapeseed oil 250ml water 2 tbsps Hayley’s Sweet Apple & Chilli Chutney Freshly ground sea salt and black pepper Method 1. Fry onion gently in olive oil for 5/10 mins until onion is slightly coloured 2. Add chopped cabbage and water and stir well. 3. Bring to the boil and cook uncovered for 10 mins or until the cabbage is tender and the liquid evaporated. 4. Stir in 2 tbsps of Hayley’s Sweet Apple & Chilli Chutney and mix well 5. Season to taste. For more spice use substitute Hayley’s Hot Apple & Chilli Chutney