Handmade Cakes

Lisa bakes our wonderful handmade cup cakes and slice’s of cakes which can be eaten in our cafe with a nice morning coffee or afternoon tea.  Or to take away to share.  Not only do they look stunning but they taste like homemade, and that some how is so comforting and indulgent.  What was a hobby for Lisa has grown into a business called Tootsweet Creations, baking anything from cakes, tray bakes, and scones to celebration cakes for birthdays and weddings.  We are proud to be supporting a small venture grow.


“Hi I’m Lisa. I live in Evesham and have the privilege of baking homemade cakes for Ellenden Farmshop.” 

“Baking has always been my passion and I enjoy sharing my creations and bringing a smile to customers’ faces.









Lisa also hand bakes our Christmas puddings, which are bespoke wrapped, with the label designed by Harvington First School, year 5.  We love to link up with our community where we can, it's what makes a locally run business special 😊