We are enormously proud to sell our own spring lamb reared on our farm, 7 miles from the shop, and grazed here on our land at Ellenden where we have exceptionally good quality, grass, here in the Vale of Evesham.

We have a range of cuts/joints for all dishes and cooking methods, including:

Joints: leg of lamb, lamb shoulder, both on-the-bone or boned-and-rolled, rack of lamb, lamb neck fillet.

Cuts: lamb gigot steak, lamb noisette, shoulder chops, minty lamb spare ribs, lambs liver, diced leg (for kebabs etc)

 Slow cook: diced shoulder

 Lamb products: lamb burgers,  haggis (in season)

We are always happy to take orders for specific cuts of your choice, please ask one our Ellenden team, who will be happy to help.

Our lamb cuts are also used to make our pre-prepared meals.  This is in order to  use our meat sustainably, and to give our customer the best quality ingredients, in meals prepared not industrially but by hand.