Ellenden Pies

Our serve hot pies, a firm favourite with our customers.  These pies have a flakey crust and are packed full of meat, they are our most regular purchase for a simple, easy mid-week meal accompanied by our fresh seasonal vegetables.

  • Vale pie, pork apple and cider
  • Stow pie, beef, venison and red wine
  • Beef steak, kidney and ale
  • Chicken and ham, chicken and mushroom and chicken and leak
  • Lamb and mint

Also the Award winning Outdoor Pig raised Pork pies, in various sizes to suit your catering needs, a firm favourite on our customers Christmas orders, including small, ‘dinky pork pies’.  A must to try are our pork and black pudding, and chicken and ham, raised pies.

Other dishes that are available for simple easy meals are Ellenden lasagne, chilli con carne, cottage pie, homemade soups and faggots.