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Hello All!

Hello All!

Hello All

I thought it was about time I put "pen to paper" so to speak!  The last couple of months have been somewhat busy. A very big thank you for everyone's support in the cafe, this area of the business has grown tremendously; an equally big thank you to all my staff who have continued to work tirelessly and help drive the menu forward.  
We have now introduced a small and large breakfast, and a veggie breakfast which are proving very popular and are served from 9.30am to 3pm alongside our lunch menu.  I would like to share the following feedback we received on social media today
"We had a wonderful breakfast this morning, thank you so much "
Thank you, Debbie, for your feedback and support.
Christmas Order Form
We have been asked on numerous occasions for our Christmas order form; some customers have placed an order without the order form and left a deposit!  We have now received prices from our suppliers and Andrea is working on it and should be available next week.  We have been promised the same allocation as last year, and we do have a record of all previous orders, including weights of turkey, beef, pork etc allocated.  If you would like to repeat last year's order, (or an order from 2020) this is very easy to organise, thanks to Andrea's database.
Our butcher Phil will also be only too happy to discuss any queries or requirements you may have. 
Home Grown Fruits
David has just been out to the orchards here at Ellenden and picked the following fruit: 
  • Cox apples
  • Braeburn Apples
  • Gala Apples
  • Lord Lambourne Apples
  • Conference Pear
  • Comice Pear
We have received very good feedback on all our home grown produce, in particular the taste of the Lord Lambourne apple.
Free Range Cooked Chicken Breast
We sell a number of cold cooked meats and have now added packets of free-range cooked chicken to the shop shelf.
This is a very succulent, healthy meat option, with great versatility from a sandwich filling to pasta dishes. 
Ellenden Butchery
This weekend sees the return of our own home cured, free range bacon, and gluten free, free-range sausages, which are also proving very popular in the cafe.
In addition, Phil's faggots; a quick and easy weekday, warming supper.  New season Marfona potatoes make the perfect, peppery mash.

Autumnal Plants
We have managed to source some beautiful autumnal plants from local growers in the vale.
Lots of vibrant colours which add an array of colour to any space.

Farming News
The last month has been extremely busy on the farming front, cultivating the land ready for planting next year's crops and maize harvesting.
Grandad, father and two sons, Toby and Matthew have all been helping - Matthew loves the fact he is now legally old enough to drive a tractor on the farmland. 
It has been an emotional week for the Turner family, as I write Toby is now based in Perth, Australia. He is spending 3 months based on an arable farm 12 hours south of Perth, before travelling across to New Zealand, to spend 3 months farming on South Island.  As a mum I have experienced a whole range of emotions, it is not at all easy letting go...  However, I know this is a phenomenal experience for him, and he will "grow" in so many ways. but it has really tugged at the heart strings, and I have to admit to missing him lots!  I am not the only one in the family, both his older sister and younger brother shed a tear at his departure. I am proud of how close we all are, and the confidence installed in him to enable such an adventure.
Emily has started her third year of medicine, currently based at Hull, and very much enjoying being on the wards. She has recently passed her venepuncture exam so is able to take blood sample from patients.
I have every intention of writing more frequent newsletters, but Toby growing up and leaving home for 6 months has highlighted just how short their childhood is, and I have every intention of helping Matthew and William enjoy and cherish theirs', before it is too late....
Take care

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